Teeth stains are common concern for most of us . Well, stains are not welcome  and requires immediate attention. Many of us are always struggling to have brighter smile and whiter teeth, but todays fast paced life may prevent us from maintaining our dental hygiene to optimum level.Lets understand what causes stains ,what are types of stains and what all is possible to get you that perfect smile


Tooth stains may be extrinsic or intrinsic .

Extrinsic stains are external depositions over tooth surfaces and may be due to plaque, tartar deposits  , inadequate brushing, lack of flossing, ingestion of excessive tea ,coffee, red wine consumption etc.

Smoking and betel nuts, tobacco chewing, pan masala are found to cause black/brown discolouration of teeth. Besides tooth wear may cause micro cracks in teeth enamel which may further get stained by all of the above.

Prolonged usage of medicated mouthwashes especially Chlorhexidine gluconate based cause generalised tooth discolouration

Intrinsic Stains are internal changes in tooth structure may be due to genetic or faulty tooth formation due to high level of fluoride (fluorosis) or antibiotics (Tetracycline/miocycline ) during early life (prenatal /natal ).

Intrinsic stains are permanent changes in tooth color and structure and may need advanced dental management

Discolored teeth especially isolated or a few front teeth may be due to Trauma to young permanent tooth during childhood due to fall or vehicular accident. Most of the times young children are the sufferer due to fall while playing or inadvertent trauma during their adolescent years

Root canal treated front/ back teeth may also get discoloured due deposition of blood pigments in the tooth structure from the injured dental pulp.


External stains are most of the time removed after professional scaling and polishing ( Cleaning of teeth ). Six monthly Teeth cleaning not only keeps stains away but also keep plaque and tartar deposit away which can cause inflammatory products like interleukin (IL-6).

IL-6 is associated with gum bleeding and tooth bone loss causing firm teeth to become mobile and also bad breath (Halitosis). IL-6 may travel from mouth through means of swallowing of saliva which is a normal mechanism  and reach patient gut causing gut leakage and also damage to heart muscles and brain causing stroke.

Bleaching of teeth may be required to increase brightness due to staining .

Internal stains may require advance management . Solitary discolored tooth which is root canal treated may require both intrinsic and extrinsic bleaching

Composite bonding and ceramic veneer may  be used after bleaching for permanent management of discoloured teeth due to intrinsic staining or fluorosis

Acid infiltration technique (ICON ) is a new solution for management of white spots and fluorosed teeth .This is non invasive preventive management of white spots.

Teeth stains are best prevented by good oral hygiene practices. At home measures like essential oils, datun ( stem of herb tree used as tooth brush), turmeric mouth rinsing etc are all found to be efficient ,cheap and effective in oral care. However, regular dental visit at identity+ dental centre at gurgaon and delhi are encouraged for our patients to achieve perfect smile.

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