The Innovative Art of Smile Designing

Today’s competitive world demands everyone to put their best foot forward in whatever they do. Be it work, business or social life, success belongs to the most deserving and happening person. We now have image consultants, fashion and dress stylist, facial makeover specialist and so much more to help us to look the best versions of ourselves.

And we believe that Your Smile is Your Identity. A smile is not just what you create by moving your lips and cheek muscles; it is much more than that. Research has proved that more than 40% of the time, it is one’s smile that gets noticed followed by eyes, hair, and face. It is also said that people who smile more often are bound to connect and communicate better as a person, and eventually, increase their chances of success.

However, only some are blessed with well-crafted smiles, and others just wish to have that perfect smile.


Making wishes a reality, a smile makeover is an innovative philosophy to design one’s teeth and lips in accordance with their personality and facial features. This helps the entire face and teeth complex to look harmoniously balanced. The best smiles have a harmonious dynamism between person’s face and teeth.

A typical smile makeover is fun and can be done by analyzing your facial photos to balance the tooth color, shape and size that best suits your facial muscles and skin complexion.


Smile Makeover is a systematic process and comprises of smile designing, smile planning and smile building/clinical treatment. To make it easier to understand, let’s consider it as an architectural drawing before actual construction of the building takes place.

Software-based smile design planning is more accurate, predictable and helps the client to understand their final looks before actual treatment is done. Smile makeovers are painless and involve minimal or non-invasive dentistry and virtually have no side effects. If done with proper planning, smile makeover stays for a lifetime and is not very expensive too.


Smile makeovers are for anyone who is not happy with their current smile and looking for an image makeover. If you are a TV artist or into media, or in the fashion industry or maybe getting married, a smile makeover is all that you need to look your best!

Next time, if you feel you deserve all the best things in life and something is stopping you from achieving the same, do have a look in the mirror. Maybe smile makeover is your answer.

At Identity+, you can achieve your dream of having that beautiful on your face. Dr. Sharad Gupta and Dr. Vishakha Gupta are the top smile design experts who use state of the art techniques, digital tools, and digital photography to create beautiful smiles.

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