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The current  coronavirus situation has been an unforeseen challenge to all of us. As we deal with uncertain, uncomfortable and frustrating times Identity+ it’s staff and all consultants are back to help you cope and navigate through your dental issues . We are committed to serve you with utmost care and necessary precautions as always.

We hope that by sharing the answers to the most common questions that you’ll feel more confident in dealing with your dental health during this time. 

1. We Are Resuming Office.

Identity+ Dental is soon planning to resume office from 4.05.2020  (Delhi Centre), 18.05.2020(Gurgaon Centre) only for Primarily dental emergencies as of now. Ever since the Nationwide lockdown was announced by GOI  All Dental Practices under the directions of IDA (Indian Dental Association ) were asked to shut down Elective Dentistry. We shall be reviewing advisories from time to time and update you accordingly.

2. What is considered a dental emergency? 

Dental emergencies, according to the American Dental Association, “are potentially life threatening and require immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding [or to] alleviate severe pain or infection.” 

What constitutes an emergency is actually pretty simple – it’s about pain or trauma. Some common dental emergencies include: 

  • Severe dental pain (most people think of this as a “toothache”)
  • Pain from a wisdom tooth 
  • Post-operative pain from a dental surgery or procedure 
  • An abscess or localized pain and swelling 
  • A broken tooth resulting in pain or cutting your tongue or cheek 
  • A tooth being knocked out 
  • Dental treatment if a temporary crown or bridge is lost, broken, or causing gum irritation.
    Other emergency dental care includes extensive decay or defective fillings that cause pain, removal of stitches, denture adjustments for radiation/oncology patients, denture adjustments or repairs to address difficulty chewing, replacing a temporary filling on a tooth with a root canal if you are experiencing pain, and snipping or adjusting an orthodontic wire or appliance that is cutting your lips or cheeks. 

3 .What Treatment Can not be done Now? 

Routine 6 monthly checkups, cleaning of teeth, whitening, RCT , crowns and bridges, Dental implants, Cosmetic dentistry and anything that is not an urgent /dental emergency. However, as the situations returns to normal we shall resume our full spectrum of work.

 4. Safety Measures Taken by Identity+

  Once you contact our office You will be asked to provide certain Information online . We seek your cooperation for everyone’s safety and request to answer all questions honestly, some of the questions asked would be :

  • Have you had symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19? (common symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, runny nose, or sore throat) 
  • International Travel History 2020
  • History of any contact with COVID patient through family, gathering or another means….
  • You will be sent on what’s app / mail a digital form for COVID 19 Declaration 
  • Once we receive your declaration an appointment shall be scheduled for you.
  • Identity+ shall follow all infection control and PPE guidelines laid down by IDA and Dental Council Of India
  • Proper sanitisation, PPE for staff and doctors, cleanliness of centre, sterilisation procedures , Aerosols  Free Dentistry and Digital payment gateways are initiated
  • Patients Shall not be accompanied by any attendees wherever possible without approval of the office. Patients shall wear masks and maintain clinic decorum ,sterilisation protocols for patients all the times.
  • All clinic door knobs are cleaned after every patient including mopping and surface disinfection.

4.  At Home Dental Hygiene Practices 

Since many of us will have extra time on our hands, make sure you brush at least twice a day for two minutes. This will not only take care of dental health but also limit pathogens in oral cavity.

  1. Use a  Toothbrush / Powered brush
  2. Use an irrigation device/ Water Flosser
  3. Use Antiseptic mouth wash. 
  4. Dental Floss 

5. Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Updated

During This uncertain times we can help control pandemic by staying at home and following social distancing and also taking good care of gums and teeth. If you’re still confused or unclear as to whether you need to be seen in the office, email us or call us. 

Contact Details:

M: 9873435895   /  9899156544  / 8130335895


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