Cracked Tooth Dilemmas: How to Spot and Solve

Cracked Tooth Dilemmas: A cracked tooth can happen as a consequence of grinding your teeth at night, chewing on hard foods, or even as a result of aging. It is a widespread disorder and the main reason for tooth loss in developed countries.

Both the patient and the doctor find a cracked tooth to be a challenging dental problem. It is a sporadic and inconvenient pain episode that worsens when you bite and release your teeth apart.

It may also be a condition that causes heightened sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures in the mouth. The problem might seem like a minuscule fracture in the crown area, which makes it challenging for the dentist to identify, especially in the early stages.

What Causes a Broken Tooth?

Teeth crack for a number of reasons, such as:

  • teeth grinding pressure
  • Fillings so large that they weaken the integrity of the tooth
  • Chewing or biting hard foods, such as ice, nuts, or hard candy,
  • blows to the mouth, such as might happen with a car accident, sporting injury, fall, or even a fistfight.
  • Abrupt temperature changes in the mouth, such as eating something extremely hot and then trying to cool your mouth with ice water.
  • The majority of tooth cracks occur in people over the age of 50.

How does one get to know the cracked tooth?

  • Pain that comes and goes but is rarely constant
  • Sensitivity to heat, cold, or sweetness causes discomfort during chewing or biting, especially after you release the bite.
  • gum swelling around the impacted tooth

How do you treat a cracked tooth?

To save a fractured tooth, the patient must report it as soon as possible. The fracture may initially just affect the tooth’s crown, but if neglected, it might eventually spread into the pulp chamber and onto the tooth’s roots. The only alternative is to remove the tooth if the break spreads to the root section.

Cracked crowns with sensitive teeth may be repaired using root canal therapy, and the crack may subsequently be filled with fiber-reinforced core fillings. The Identity Plus Dental facility uses digital radiography and rotary endodontics to provide cutting-edge, painless root canal therapy. After a root canal operation, the cavity can be filled using minimally invasive bonded restorations made of glass fiber filling material in order to reinforce the tooth structure and prevent further decay.


Cracked Tooth Dilemmas, Many people commonly have tooth fractures. A variety of procedures are available to help you maintain your teeth and appearance. In contrast to a fractured bone, a cracked tooth will never entirely heal, even if a fracture may be mendable.

However, prompt treatment is the best way to save your tooth and prevent infection and further damage. And while it’s possible that the surgery left your mouth hurting, the soreness should subside in a few days. If you maintain proper oral hygiene, avoid eating hard foods, and wear a mouthguard if you grind your teeth or play contact sports, your smile will be well protected.

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