one of the most routinely asked question by our patients at identityplus dental centre gurgaon is “Doctor which is the best tooth brush”. Well we tell them only one thing that there is nothing like The best Tooth Brush. We are putting few pointers below that will help one understand how to pick the right tooth brush.

The purpose of tooth brush is mechanical cleansing of teeth and gum massaging.

Tooth brush bristles are mainly made up of nylon and are arranged in groups called tufts which is mounted in a plastic handle that together is one unit and called as toothbrush Depending upon the quality of nylon the bristles may be coarser ,medium roughness or softer.

Normally medium tooth brush is good for healthy adult with minimal or no dental diseases

Soft bristles are important for people with tooth wear, enamel chipping, erosion and those exhibiting heavy forces and tooth wear sign

Super soft are recommended for patients with gum diseases, recession and unhealthy mucosa

To summarise a medium angulated head tooth brush having soft bristles is best for general use on a daily basis along with fluoridated tooth paste containing 1000 ppm available fluoride for anyone above 6 years old

Battery operated brushes are equally good and can be recommended over manual as they clean teeth and gum better.Plaque removal is better and also helps in stain removal.Oral B is commonly a good brand

Tooth brush should be dried after usage and stored in a clean dry box and kept separate from other brushes of family members to prevent cross contamination.

Tooth brush should be changed every 3 months and also when they are visibly frayed.

Interdental brushes are available to clean spaces between teeth that are larger than half a mm. They come in various shapes and head sizes and are used to clean interdental teeth area

Dental floss are to be used along with tooth brushing when contacts between teeth is tight

Children under 6 years should use baby brushes which are small headed and super soft along with tooth paste containing 500 ppm fluoride under parental guidance.

Good tooth brush is an integral part of preventive oral care.

We at identityplus dental centre are committed to help our patients achieve and maintain good oral health .Gum diseases are best prevented by good oral care at home and 6 monthly teeth cleaning and gum care.

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