Due to our unhealthy eating habits and irregular cleaning routines, we end up damaging our teeth. In most cases, we miss the early signs of oral problems until they become more severe and need extensive treatment. To avoid such mistakes, a regular dental checkup schedule is essential for everyone. People usually avoid going to a dentist because they are afraid of all the tools and equipments meddling with their teeth. And if you are also one of them, it becomes all the more important to sign-up for a regular dental checkup.

Going for a regular dental checkup would help in detecting the early signs of any serious problem. And if diagnosed at the early stages, the treatment becomes fairly easy and quick. Early detection also means spending less money on your treatment. It's a win-win situation by any standard.

Who is it for?

To be honest, anyone who has teeth must go for regular dental checkups. Oral problems do not differentiate between gender, region, or any other classification of people. It is a must for young kids because of all the junk foods our kids eat and the decreased attention on oral hygiene. It is highly advisable for young people to keep their teeth in good condition and detect early signs of any serious problems. Also, people who are aged above 50 need to take special care of their oral hygiene because of the ageing of old teeth and avoid any serious problems.

What Identity+ Offers?

We focus on helping people with our services. Our regular checkups involve a complete inspection of your mouth. We treat you with all the latest technology and help you smile more often. Our objective is to keep your teeth healthy and detect any sign of oral problems. We detect early and treat right.

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