Tooth consists of three layers, The outer enamel, inner dentin and innermost pulp which is the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. Cavitation usually starts in the outermost layer enamel as small pit or discoloured fissure or between the contact areas of teeth with adjacent tooth.When the outermost cavitation is allowed to spread due to negligence or lack of oral hygiene it spreads to inner zone causing bigger cavities, food lodgement and finally pain.

Root canal treatment is required when the cavity is deep and the innermost pulp layer is involved with bacteria’s. Identity+ specialises in painless Root Canal Treatment (RCT) . Dr.Vishakha Gupta is an RCT expert doing exclusive endodontics since 2002 with more than 8000+ successful Root Canal Treatment done by her.


  • PAINLESS ROOT CANAL TREATMENT : Come and experience world class painless RCT with Dr. Vishakha Gupta at Identity+. She is committed to treat you with all the patience , care and her vast experience of over 8000+ Root canals treatment. At identity+ we use ultramodern rotary files , thermal gutta percha obturation ,magnification and digital radiography to save your tooth.
  • ROOT CANAL RE-TREATMENT : Failing and previously treated Root canal treated tooth are retreated at our centre. We try to save your tooth till the end using modern materials ,technology and our vast experience.
  • APICECETOMIES AND HEMISECTION : Apicocetomy may be required for a RCT treated tooth with persistent infection at the apex/tip of the root. Sometimes the chronic infection do not respond to a good RCT treatment and requires a micro surgical intervention to remove the diseases tip of the tooth. Hemisection is for molar tooth when one of the roots is not responding to root canal treatment alone and also have a bone lose so the root which is responding to root canal treatment is saved and the diseased root is sectioned thus giving a hopeless tooth an opportunity to be saved.
  • PULPOTOMY AND PULPECTOMY : These procedures are done in milk tooth or deciduous teeth. Pulpotomy is removal of diseased pulp of the primary tooth where as Pulpectomy is similar to RCT and is done in children’s to eliminate infection in roots and prevent it from spreading to the underlying permanent tooth germ.

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