Oral Awareness In Corporate Employees- Age Trap

Having been the part of oral care system for last 25 years we used to always think strongly that poor oral hygiene and oral diseases are more often associated with low socioeconomic conditions. To some extent this happens to be a larger truth , but then when we routinely began screening corporates as a part of their value addition program what we are gonna share with you was an eye opener. The age group of employees screened was in the range of 23-50 years.
  • Young fellows in the age group of 23-30 years had pretty normal findings with not much of dental issues. Majority of them had only plaque deposits requiring basic teeth cleaning procedures. However, some of them also had issues with erupting third molars and that is a normal finding around this age group though more common at late teens
  • Those above 30 years were little more into problems with their teeth. They had situations where cavitation was obvious now requiring fillings, some kind of food getting stuck issues, more heavier plaque deposits with teeth discolouration . This was the case with majority of them
  • Above 35 Years things were now getting bad. Neglect led to few teeth requiring root canals and crowns.There were beginning of gum issues with deeper cavitation between teeth.Also, few occasions, there were missing tooth requiring replacement.
  • Above 40 years findings were more alarming. This was the point where loss of teeth either due to caries, gum problem or due to fracture, post root canal treatment was showing up. Those concerned were now beginning to feel themselves the neglect all through these years to their oral health. More teeth were now requiring treatment and some of the missing would need dental implants and so on.


Age Have a definitive correlation with oral diseases. The above findings are based upon our assessment of corporate employees during our oral awareness program . Dental diseases have a definitive influence upon ones productivity and does have a social, economical and quality of life impact . Stay tuned for more updates on the effect, types , the main deterent to seeking dental advise and economic impact dental diseases can have on the employee when allowed to progress. We are committed to spread oral awareness as a part of identity+ SMILE INDIA initiative.

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