In the month of July 2021 I finally gathered courage to visit Dr. Sharad at his Clinic for my Tooth Examination. My First ever visit to a Dental Clinic in the capacity of an ailing patient. Dr. Sharad, is a very soft spoken, kind hearted and an amazing Doctor. While examining me he kept me engaged in various conversations and he did take photographs to show and explain to me the desired treatment required looking at the condition of my teeth. He explained and devised a plan to treat me. Both Dr. Sharad & Dr. Vishakha are quite a team...And when he says the Root Canal Treatment is Painless he actually means it. The entire 3 sittings were PAINLESS.

Hemant K Sharma

CEO, Jupiter

There is a lot of trust that goes into choosing a Dentist, I took my Mom to Identity Plus for her Gum cleaning and for her missing teeth treatment to bridge the gap. The way he explained the treatment to my Mom was remarkable as he understands a parent's anxiety and explains the problem and medication accordingly. It was an absolute painless experience for my Mom. Dr. Sharad, is a experienced professional dedicated to his work and is really concerned about the comfort and understanding of the patient

Ankit Arora

Hyperlocal Digital Strategist from LetsMaplt

Recently, I suffered some issues with my tooth. I got very weary of visiting a dentist because of the pain that one would normally go through when visiting a Dentist and due to the scare of the ongoing pandemic. To my pleasant surprise, both the above are a misconception, when one visits Dr Sharad at his state of the art Clinic. The team was very careful with all the needed precautions and as soon as I saw a list of protocols being followed, I was much relaxed. To top it all, when Dr Sharad, with his most pleasing demeanour started the procedure, it was smiles and comfort all the way. There was no pain and it was a hassle free process.

Reteish Sharma


My father had dental problems for the last 10 years and has been undergoing a painful treatment. But a month back I took my father to Dr. Gupta for treatment. Dr. Sharad understood my father’s problem and offered a line of solutions in just one meeting. My father’s dental misery was over in just 4 sessions and allowed him to go on an abroad trip for holidays. Dr. Sharad Gupta is truly an ace dental surgeon.

Abhinav Mathur

Apanya Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

I recently availed painless services of Dr. Sharad Gupta for tooth extraction and I’d like to appreciate how Dr. Sharad has apprised me of step by step process before the treatment. The machines and techniques used for the said treatment were absolutely painless and the tooth extraction was over even before I anticipated. He is a thorough professional and I’d recommend his clinic to all the people in my contact sphere without a shred of doubt.

Kanishk Agarwal

Founder, CriTaxCorp

I had referred Dr. Sharad to my friends for dental treatments. Not only they were satisfied with Dr. Sharad’s expertise in his field but also emphasized that his treatments are painless and reliving. Dr Sharad has a ready smile on his face with an excellent sense of humour.

Apurvi Dawar

Dawar’s Open World

Sharad Gupta has done a tremendous job when one of my closest relative Mamta Sharma had visited his state of the art cosmetic and implant dentistry centre in Gurgaon for teeth whitening. I shall always be delighted in recommending Dr. Sharad Gupta to my family, friends and clients.

Arvind Sharma

Founder- Director, PCES

I recently availed painless services of Dr. Sharad Gupta for tooth extraction and I’d like to appreciate how Dr. Sharad has apprised me of step by step process before the treatment. The machines and techniques used for the said treatment were absolutely painless and the tooth extraction was over even before I anticipated. He is a thorough professional and I’d recommend his clinic to all the people in my contact sphere without a shred of doubt.

Suchitta Koley

Company Secretary

Sharad Gupta is not only a well-qualified and experienced dentist but also a humble person. During my visit to his clinic for some procedure of my teeth, he made the process look so simple as if it was a cakewalk.  Within minutes the procedure was over and I didn’t feel the pain at all. It was completely painless. The state of the art equipments and infrastructure that he uses, speaks for itself.

Aditya Bhotika

Head of Business Development, Delta Solutions

Dr Sharad is a professional par excellence. I got my Smile makeover done at Identity+ and my experience has been truly excellent. He patiently and skilfully undertakes every project and brings it to the completion stage with genuine Wow to his patients! To top it all, the well-trained staff and his state of the art clinic makes the whole experience a true delight to the patient. I have been given the sparkling Smile! Every time I look in the mirror I thank Dr Sharad for a job brilliantly done.

Manjit Singh Saini

CEO & Executive Director, Paramount Group

Dr. Sharad Gupta has given amazing services to my family for the dental issues. Whether it was my root canal, or my mother’s chronic dental issue or my son’s cavities, you demonstrated utmost care and sensitivity. We felt there was total accountability for the work undertaken by you and your staff.  The procedure executed highlights your work ethics, competence and professional integrity. I’d highly recommend your service to my contact sphere.

Amit Kukreja

Founder, Wealth Being Advisors

Thank you Dr. Gupta for your outstanding dental treatment that you have given to my wife Nisha. I appreciate your thorough analysis of the dental problem that was disturbing her from past 2 years and helped her in improving her oral health drastically. Your staff members were friendly and well-trained. My wife was so confident that she was receiving the best dental services available especially after interacting with you and your staff. Thank you for the superb quality of services and for your pleasant personality.

Rakesh Lowgani

Director, Lal Sai Steel

Dr Sharad is very professional in his approach, he takes his time to understand the problem & then explain the recommended treatment. The details of the procedure were explained to me at the beginning itself, which gave me a lot of confidence at every stage. Not only the surgery was carried out in an utmost professional way but the post care that I got was never experienced before from any other doctor, I came across. I felt at ease with Dr Sharad.

Gurchran S Dhuna

CEO, Sunrrise Hitech India Pvt Ltd.

My last visit to identify + Lifecare was exactly the same as always. Everyone is courteous, professional, and understanding. Dr. Sharad Gupta is probably the finest dentist .. I feel extremely confident knowing that he always get it right the first time.I can’t think of anything that will enhance your services or operations. Certainly there is always room for improvement but it seems like you guys ..have covered all.



An amazing doctor with an amazing centre. I love his passion for his profession which was clear with the way he treated me and patiently answered all my questions. I would like to mention that he really invests in his tools and knowledge for many things that he used I have never seen before with a dentist. All in all very happy with the treatment. Infact I have already sent my friend and my husband to the same doctor. Thank you Dr Sharad.

Nidhi Seth


Dr. Gupta is an amazing caring doctor who takes his time to understand the problem & then explain the recommended treatment. This is the first time any doctor had done this. I felt relaxed & felt I was in capable hands.The procedure went very well & the charges were quite reasonable. No repeated visits.Would definitely recommend Dr. Sharad.

Hemant Gupta


Excellent!! He is just too good.Unlike other doctors he explains each procedure in detail with patients and help them to take a logical call with confidence. My mother is getting implants done through him and in last 2 months not even once have we faced any discomfort. Full marks to him.

Bhasin Vinod


I had a wonderful experience with Dr Sharad. He is very talented. The condition of my teeth was very bad. I had to go with the Laser treatment for my healthy gums. It was very smooth and painless. I would like to recommend him.



Amazing experience! I have nothing but a praise for Dr Sharad Gupta and his team.The clinic facilities are modern, clean and equipped with advanced technology.I was treated courteously, professionally and efficiently. The follow up consultations were extremely helpful to put my mind at ease.

One of the patients


Dr. Sharad Gupta is one of the finest Dentist in New Delhi. Huge experience and what is amazing is the kind of planning he does to give you that great smile. He puts in a lot of research and planning meticulously and that makes us so very reassured. I recommend people of all ages with a dental issue to go and meet him.

One of the patients


Dr Sharad Gupta is professional and very efficient with his work. I have been his regular patient since a long time and he has always proved his skills and talent. He makes the patient satisfied.

Arushi Gupta


Dr Sharad is very friendly and polite as well as his staff. He takes his time to explain all the procedures in detail. You would feel at ease with Dr Sharad. I would definitely recommend him to friends, family and colleagues.I am very satisfied with all the procedures, most especially my cosmetic veneers.

Oyinkan Johnson


I have visited Dr. Sharad’s clinic quite a few times. I am quite satisfied with quality of dental care provided by Dr. Gupta besides his clinic is very well maintained and artistically made. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any dental related issues.

Ravi Kapur


The details of the procedure were explained to me at the beginning, which made me feel confident at every stage. The overall experience has been positive. I was made to feel comfortable and my apprehensions were laid to rest professionally.

Anju Sinha


I got a dental treatment done by Dr. Sharad Gupta and Dr. Vishakha Gupta of Identity Plus. It was an overdue treatment and I was procrastinating primarily out of my fear of the proverbial dentist chair. Finally when I did meet Dr. Sharad, he immediately put me at ease by explaining the entire process in layman terms, allaying my fears about the pain or discomfort, and true to form, the treatment was a painless experience. Both of them are true professionals, and deftly carried out the procedure, all the time communicating honestly and clearly about each step and what it entails.

Shalini Sharma

Director of Taurus Inc.

A few months back I was leading an event and I experienced a sharp pain in one of my teeth, I made an SOS call to Dr. Sharad and while I was still on the call within no time he told me which tooth was having an issue, and what could be the possible reason for the pain. I was astonished at the speed and the latest technology that Dr. Sharad Uses in his consultations, I had visited him one year back and at that time the problem was only at the first stage and I kept procrastinating till this SOS situation arisen. That day with Dr. Sharad’s expertise in identifying the cause and a quick-relief prescription I was able to lead my event the next day with ease.
My sincere recommendation and reference to all , for any dental issues, Identity Plus is the only name.

Anju Choudhary

Founder, Wild Ochre

Amit Diiwedy, from Sagan Construction Company, would like to place on record my appreciation for Dr. Sharad Gupta of Identity+, for the unmatched services and professionalism provided by him. My Mother and I really appreciate the the efforts of Dr. Sharad and his team. When Dr. Sharad says "He is a smile Doctor", He means every word of it. Having said that, my Mother had to undergo a Fixed Implant surgery because of the deterioration of the teeth in the lower jaw, which were in a bad condition. Dr. Sharad, having an experience of more than 20 years planned the entire procedure of 3 months and made her mother comfortable around the procedure. Each and every aspect of procedure was made clear to us and surgery went on very smoothly and within the given time frame. I am thankful to Dr. Sharad and Identity+ for the unmatched services and would recommend him to everyone in my contact sphere. I wish Dr. Sharad Gupta all the best for future

Amit Dwivedi

Sagan Construction Company


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