gum care and laser dentistry

Oral cavity is reflection of ones body. Systemic Disease like diabetes mellitus, Thyroid or any other may have a manifestation in one or the other form in oral cavity. Likewise Gum diseases gingivitis (gum inflammation ) or periodontitis ( Tooth bone destruction ) can have a harmful effect on different body parts. Inflammatory product IL-6 (interleukins) produced as a result of bacteria’s in plaque and tartar can travel down to ones gut due to swallowing of saliva and may cause leaky gut, injure endothelial lining of heart, lung infection, premature birth and also brain stroke. Thus, staying cautious towards gum diseases, practising good home oral hygiene, regular check up and risk assessments gum diseases is important

Following Gum Care And Laser Dentistry services are offered at our centre :

1. Tooth Cleaning Services

Scaling and polishing for plaque and tartar removal is done. We also recommend Topical Fluoride Varnish application twice a year along with Teeth cleaning

2. Saliva Testing

Salivary testing is the future of dental care . Saliva testing is painless investigation for the purpose of identifying bacterias and viruses that are present in ones mouth causing gum and alveolar bone diseases. Salivary testing can be done to detect pathogenicity, types of bacterias present in mouth , inflammatory markers like IL 6 ( interleukin -6) which is associated with tooth bone loss and systemic effects, dental caries causing pathogens, and also COVID 19 virulence.
Though salivary testing is not very well developed in our country but it holds a promising future to treating gum diseases and preventing its effects upon the overall well being of our patients

3. Cosmetic Gum Correction Crown Lengthening

Cosmetic gum correction consist of altering gum height for the purpose of correcting gummy smile, crown lengthening to increase tooth height for receiving crown and or as a part of smile designing process so as to balance out teeth (white proportion) and Gums (pink proportion )

4. Plastic Gum Surgery

Plastic gum surgery consist of minor surgical procedures to increase firm gingival width /height around tooth or dental implant. Firm gingiva or keratinised gingiva are protective of tooth as it tightly cuffs the neck of tooth. Lack of keratinised gingiva can lead to gum recession, tooth bone loss and eventually tooth or dental implant loss.

Connective tissue graft consist of harvesting inner layer of gums from one’s hard palate and placing it at a different site in patient mouth. It may be tooth or dental implant and it helps in increasing gum volume. The tissue may be in the form of external matrix like Mucograft or Fibrogide that is commercially available and need not require harvesting from ones palate.
Frenectomy consist of removal of fibrous bands that are present on the inner aspect of upper and lower lip vestibule and may require excision due to its pulling away effect on the tooth gum or tongue tie.

5. Gum Pocket Therapy

Accumulation of plaque and tartar may cause loosening of gums which may become inflamed causing pocket formation. Gum pockets are bacterial reservoir and may lead to tooth bone loss and inflammatory activity in the form of IL 6 secretion leading to advanced gum diseases, bad odour (Halitosis), loosening of teeth (mobility ), food lodgement and spaces between teeth . Early gum diseases is know as gingivitis and can be managed by scaling polishing and closed curettage. When gingivitis goes ignored and unattended inflammation from gums spread to underlying connective tissues and alveolar bone and is now termed as periodontitis commonly known as pyorrhoea which now requires much more advanced management by flap surgery ,root planing and open curettage.

6. Gum Abscess Treatment

Tissue or gums surrounding the tooth may become painful , ulcerated or filled with pus due to bacterial infection. It may present as localised gum swelling which is painful ,foul smelling and accompanied by bleeding gums.Management may involve incision and drainage and antibiotics.

7. Dental Lasers

Laser technology is a modern therapy used at our centre. We use lasers for day to day dental procedures like aphthous ulcers healing, frenectomy, gingivitis, periodontitis, crown lengthening, surgical excision, cosmetic gum contouring. We use diode laser 980nm wavelength for achieving unsurpassed healing and minimal pain based treatment for our patients.We have been using dental lasers since 2014 at both our centres.

We have helped around 500 patients with full mouth gum treatment, LANAP procedure (laser assisted new attachment protocol) helping them keep hopeless teeth with no cut ,no pain and no suture procedures done with dental lasers. At identity+ we believe that Excellent gum care is the door to excellent oral care.We are strong propagator of good gum hygiene and reinforces strong home oral hygiene protocols for our patients.


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