general dentistry

Dr. Sharad Gupta and Dr. Vishakha Gupta are serving since 2002 .They provide variety of clinical procedures to help patients with different dental issues. At identity+ dental clinic we encourage our patients to book appointments in advance for a hassle free dental experience.

Following services are provided as everyday dental procedures at our centres :

1. General Dental Checkup

We encourage 6 monthly dental checkups to keep dental problems at minimum. Regular checkup can include Clinical Examination , Dental X-RAY/ IOPA/ BITEWINGS ( to detect contact caries) and dental photographs for complete screening.

2. Emergency Dental Care

  • Tooth Pain Management
  • Gum Abscess
  • Third Molar Infections
  • Aphthous Ulcerations
  • Gum Bleeding Management
are dental emergency services provided at our centre.


We provide and recommend teeth cleaning every six months for our patients. We use ultrasonic scalers and hand curettes for thorough plaque and tartar removal.

4. Preventive Fluoride Varnish Application

Topical fluoride varnish like GC MI VARNISH application. We recommend fluoride varnish application at least twice a year and after every teeth cleaning procedure. Fluoride varnish treatment helps to minimise caries risk and make tooth harder and stronger.

5. Second Opinion consultation

Dr. Sharad gupta and Dr. Vishakha Gupta are senior experts in their respective domains. Dr sharad Gupta can be consulted for Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and Denture related issues and Dr. Vishakha Gupta can be consulted for Root Canal Treatments , Laser Dentistry related issues for second opinions wherever the patients are not satisfied by their regular dentist opinions

6. Family Super Value Card

We believe in giving back to our people. Identity+ is happy to introduce FAMILY SUPER VALUE CARD for its privileged clients. The cards encourages motivational and regular dental care for its patients helping them experience COMPLETE MOUTH DENTISTRY and PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY . Send request for family super value card details at


Identity+ specializes in a comprehensive set of prosthodontic services including Smile Design, Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. By leveraging world-class equipment and advanced dental technology, we provide you a happy and painless dental experience. Know More about Dental Clinic in Gurgaon and Delhi.

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