Teeth stains are common concern for most of us . Well, stains are not welcome  and requires immediate attention. Many of us are always struggling to have brighter smile and whiter teeth, but todays fast paced life may prevent us from maintaining our dental hygiene to optimum level.Lets understand what causes stains ,what are types of stains and what all is possible to get you that perfect smile


Tooth stains may be extrinsic or intrinsic .

Extrinsic stains are external depositions over tooth surfaces and may be due to plaque, tartar deposits  , inadequate brushing, lack of flossing, ingestion of excessive tea ,coffee, red wine consumption etc.

Smoking and betel nuts, tobacco chewing, pan masala are found to cause black/brown discolouration of teeth. Besides tooth wear may cause micro cracks in teeth enamel which may further get stained by all of the above.

Prolonged usage of medicated mouthwashes especially Chlorhexidine gluconate based cause generalised tooth discolouration

Intrinsic Stains are internal changes in tooth structure may be due to genetic or faulty tooth formation due to high level of fluoride (fluorosis) or antibiotics (Tetracycline/miocycline ) during early life (prenatal /natal ).

Intrinsic stains are permanent changes in tooth color and structure and may need advanced dental management

Discolored teeth especially isolated or a few front teeth may be due to Trauma to young permanent tooth during childhood due to fall or vehicular accident. Most of the times young children are the sufferer due to fall while playing or inadvertent trauma during their adolescent years

Root canal treated front/ back teeth may also get discoloured due deposition of blood pigments in the tooth structure from the injured dental pulp.


External stains are most of the time removed after professional scaling and polishing ( Cleaning of teeth ). Six monthly Teeth cleaning not only keeps stains away but also keep plaque and tartar deposit away which can cause inflammatory products like interleukin (IL-6).

IL-6 is associated with gum bleeding and tooth bone loss causing firm teeth to become mobile and also bad breath (Halitosis). IL-6 may travel from mouth through means of swallowing of saliva which is a normal mechanism  and reach patient gut causing gut leakage and also damage to heart muscles and brain causing stroke.

Bleaching of teeth may be required to increase brightness due to staining .

Internal stains may require advance management . Solitary discolored tooth which is root canal treated may require both intrinsic and extrinsic bleaching

Composite bonding and ceramic veneer may  be used after bleaching for permanent management of discoloured teeth due to intrinsic staining or fluorosis

Acid infiltration technique (ICON ) is a new solution for management of white spots and fluorosed teeth .This is non invasive preventive management of white spots.

Teeth stains are best prevented by good oral hygiene practices. At home measures like essential oils, datun ( stem of herb tree used as tooth brush), turmeric mouth rinsing etc are all found to be efficient ,cheap and effective in oral care. However, regular dental visit at identity+ dental centre at gurgaon and delhi are encouraged for our patients to achieve perfect smile.

CRACKED TOOTH – What causes it & how to prevent it

Cracked tooth is a difficult dental situation both for the patient and the dentist. Well for the Patient its an erratic and bothersome pain episode that comes especially when you bite and release teeth apart and may be also a condition that is manifested as increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperature in mouth. For the dentist the situation is difficult to diagnose especially during the initial stages and may present as a micro crack in the crown portion.


Cracked teeth may be due to excessive grinding ,bruxism, heavy clenching and overloading of tooth due to stress, parafunctional habit and aggressive teeth rubbing habits. one of our patient developed cracked tooth due to his habit of heavy clenching his back teeth whenever he used to get angry .


Erratic pain, hypersensitivity to cold and hot food, pain on releasing bite, tooth mobility during advanced stages are all sign of cracked tooth.


Early reporting by patient is the key to saving cracked tooth. Initially the crack may be only in the tooth crown portion, however if left ignored the crack may extend through the pulp chamber of tooth and onto the roots. Once the crack propagates to the root portion then tooth extraction is the only option.

Cracked crown with tooth sensitivity can be managed by Root canal treatment and sealing the crack with fibre reinforced core buildup /fillings . Root canal treatment at identityplus dental centre is painless and advanced using modern rotary endodontics and digital radiography . Once root canal is done the cavity can be filled with minimally invasive bonded restorations using glass fibre filling material so as to reinforce the tooth structure and prevent further crack propagation.

However, if the crack is deeper through the roots the tooth may need removal . All cracked teeth are best managed as per their clinical manifestation and extent of the crack

We also recommend hard bite splints to prevent damaging occlusal forces  from cracking patients teeth any further. We believe prevention is better and cheaper then cure.


one of the most routinely asked question by our patients at identityplus dental centre gurgaon is “Doctor which is the best tooth brush”. Well we tell them only one thing that there is nothing like The best Tooth Brush. We are putting few pointers below that will help one understand how to pick the right tooth brush.

The purpose of tooth brush is mechanical cleansing of teeth and gum massaging.

Tooth brush bristles are mainly made up of nylon and are arranged in groups called tufts which is mounted in a plastic handle that together is one unit and called as toothbrush Depending upon the quality of nylon the bristles may be coarser ,medium roughness or softer.

Normally medium tooth brush is good for healthy adult with minimal or no dental diseases

Soft bristles are important for people with tooth wear, enamel chipping, erosion and those exhibiting heavy forces and tooth wear sign

Super soft are recommended for patients with gum diseases, recession and unhealthy mucosa

To summarise a medium angulated head tooth brush having soft bristles is best for general use on a daily basis along with fluoridated tooth paste containing 1000 ppm available fluoride for anyone above 6 years old

Battery operated brushes are equally good and can be recommended over manual as they clean teeth and gum better.Plaque removal is better and also helps in stain removal.Oral B is commonly a good brand

Tooth brush should be dried after usage and stored in a clean dry box and kept separate from other brushes of family members to prevent cross contamination.

Tooth brush should be changed every 3 months and also when they are visibly frayed.

Interdental brushes are available to clean spaces between teeth that are larger than half a mm. They come in various shapes and head sizes and are used to clean interdental teeth area

Dental floss are to be used along with tooth brushing when contacts between teeth is tight

Children under 6 years should use baby brushes which are small headed and super soft along with tooth paste containing 500 ppm fluoride under parental guidance.

Good tooth brush is an integral part of preventive oral care.

We at identityplus dental centre are committed to help our patients achieve and maintain good oral health .Gum diseases are best prevented by good oral care at home and 6 monthly teeth cleaning and gum care.

The Tooth Loss Story


Tooth Loss is actually a big handicap though taken lightly by our masses. However slowly our current population is beginning to give a tooth its long due respect. Though a large population is getting educated about oral care and prevention but still only about 3-4 % of urban population is seeking preventive and regular dental care.

Tooth loss story starts very early in our lives and system and is duly credited to lack of information on the subject in our belief systems, education systems and scant media coverage about it, as evident through negligible awareness articles/ social posts. The overall efforts of our health care system towards spread of dental awareness in masses are also seemingly less.

The main challenge is that Dental Problems are slow and painless at start and so are our efforts to practice adequate Home dental care. By the time one realizes the damage done by dental disease some irreversible damage is already done.

Also ,when we need to seek dental care we are confused, scared and tend to choose the one providing quickest and cheapest solutions overlooking the need for relationship based dentistry.

Social and health benefits of our teeth:
Healthy adult have 28 teeth (excluding 4 third molars). The front teeth are required for biting and add to ones smile and facial identity. Canines and premolars are important teeth both from chewing and appearance point of view. Molar or back teeth are the main chewing unit and also support our facial muscles giving us a youthful facial height and adding to ones personality and overall smile.

Loss of any tooth brings a turbulence in the dental apparatus. Teeth are placed back to back in our jaws, when one is diseased and not treated on time , decay may spread to the adjacent tooth and thus require more intervention. Removal of tooth without timely replacement will spoil the integrity and function of the entire jaw.The whole dental apparatus exhibits a relationship amongst itself thus teeth, gums, jaw and muscles all function in unison. To have a pretty smile ;its not the front 4-6 teeth that are adequate. The back teeth supports the front and vice versa when it comes to a complete health of oral apparatus and perfect long lasting disease free smiles

Systemic health and teeth:
Oral health is window to healthy body , mind and soul. Proper cutting and chewing ensures one’s digestion remains good . Teeth are the first stage of digestion. Mincing of food by teeth and mashing action of tongue allow saliva to mix well and create a bolus that is then ingested to be further acted by the gastric juices and the process continues till our intestines. Thus we see teeth have a gate keeper role to play towards our overall health. We become what we eat.

Lack of oral hygiene and care has been found to be related to cardiovascular risk, low birth babies, endocarditis and lung diseases. Diabetes are more at risk as they need to eat and chew well. Painful ,unhealthy mouth can impair insulin regulation in their bodies. Also loss of teeth without replacement will put senior citizens and those without teeth in distress and increase irritability as now chewing becomes a challenge. Thus , we see how teeth can impact nutrition which in turn can effect well being and productivity in almost all sections of ones life.

Economic impact of teeth:
The early we begin the better it is. Each tooth that is lost could have been saved by timely action and good dentistry. Every decay could have been possibly reversed if diagnosed and reported on time.The beauty about tooth decay is that it has a reversal possibility. Let’s see a typical cycle of tooth loss.

Decay – Neglect- Pain – Interim solution- Tooth structure damage- RCT- Crown- Tooth fracture – Extraction – Dental implant – Dental implant fails -what next ?

This chart explains how a simple decay that could have been avoided by good home care , regular checkups, preventive dentistry on time ultimately had to go through a cycle of pain treatment , more treatment , much more treatment and finally tooth loss.

What started as a small decay led to a big hole in one’s pocket. Then starts the blame game , with patient accusing dentist for continual treatment. Actually its the story every where

What are best solutions to break this cycle. Well according to our practice identity+ (identity plus dental centre gurgaon and delhi ) our 20 years of experience says:
Start early and stay motivated

look for a dentist who communicates and practices preventive approach

Choose relationship based dentistry over quick fix dentistry as your teeth are designed to last long.

Avoid coupon and offer dentistry for long term keeps

Understand your diet , oral habits and learn best dental practices as not all patients will need similar type of dental care.

Preventive dentistry , digital radiography and photography for screening on your regular dental checkup

Patient risk types / dental risk and motivation assessment

Tooth remineralisation cremes and topical fluoride applications

fluoridated tooth pastes and mouth washes

Healthy sugar restricted diet management for high and moderate risk



Patient Experience Decoded
Our belief system tells us that we are borne to be happy and enjoying life. Human DNA is designed to continually evolve with biological and mental challenges. Taking our bodies and health system for granted is always a default practice by our subconscious mind. There are two type of neglects; Neglect by choice & Neglect by chance.

The busy nature of our lives, stresses of modern life , high performance jobs, procrastination and taken for granted attitude slowly and softly takes away all the good things given to human by birth .

Modern Dental clinics are full of patients seeking treatments to their wide variety of Dental issues like badly damaged tooth which has been hit by decay beyond repair and or mostly requiring advanced procedures like root canal intervention, crowns, dental implants and sometimes removal of tooth itself.

Dental clinics and Dentists are also getting tuned to provide fast paced treatment to our Dental problem as now time is an issue. we see promotional Dentistry, fast and quick fix Dentistry leaving and leading to short term patient Dentist relationships and treatment outcomes.

Relationships based approach
Patients and Dentists are two sides of same coin. Their is a lot of data that proves Dental care is no different then customer experience anywhere else. The hero of the practice is the patient and the director of care being the Dentist and together with the team of support staff the quality and tranquility of Dental care is what decides the long term relationships.

Dental Practices Following established points based upon our experience at Identityplus Dental centres at Delhi and Gurugram since 2002 can play a big decisive role in how Dental care can be best provided to our population by creating a overall wow experience :

1. Structured practices and protocols :
Having a defined evidence based protocol right from the time of first appointment to different treatment stages upto case completion is of immense value towards patient oriented approach. Limiting the surprises and delivering to commitment always remains the goal.

2. Strong communication from start to finish :
Communication about the patient concerns with proper diagnosis is key to treatment being undertaken or not. Diagnosis should be shared with patient in totality. All patient concerns be addressed . Final treatment plan should always be given in written and patient allowed to think about the same with all the pros and cons. Urgency of treating should never be expressed except if it’s an emergency.

3. Transparent billing and Ease of payments :
Having a uniform pricing policy especially for daily routine procedures those are straight forward does install confidence in our patients and speaks volume about the practice being caring and friendly

4. Value for Money by quality and durable work
” How long will my filling /crown last “. Almost in our 20+ years of experience we have come across this frequent question by our patient on a daily basis. We need to treat our Patients as human first and keeping in mind that if tomorrow patient relocates or we choose to retire ,someone else ( New Dentist ) is proud of what treatment we did in past

5. Preventive Care based approach with least intervention is most welcomed
Almost in our 20 years of experience ,we have never come across a single patient who is happy to visit Dentist by choice. Almost everyone is initially scared and wants to avoid any type of treatment. Having Preventive approach, staged approach will keep appointment frequency and duration short and be more acceptable to the patient. Preventive and caring approach will convert them into Dental conscious and positive patients.

6. Newer treatment modalities with almost no drill and minimal pain wherever possible
Current advancement in technology and better understanding of Dental diseases does allows us to manage cases with almost minimal or no pain. Topical fluorides applications, and fluoridated tooth paste and mouthwashes are playing a bigger role in managing initial stages of tooth decay and preventing newer lesions to appear slow

7. Modern solutions that allow decay reversal by restoring tooth to natural and stronger like original
Remineralisation techniques by use of tooth impregnation by acid and minerals , adhesive bonding, Biomimetic natural dentistry are opening up newer avenues for patient care . Modern dentistry is not only promising but least invasive.

8. Emphasis on Home care , home remedies and long term care
Almost every patient expects to be suggested home care that is simple, affordable and easy to follow. Patient highly appreciate home remedies and are more joyful to learn about them

9. Relationship building through customised care and family dentistry approach
Private Dental Practices are best suited to treat dental patients as compared to Corporate Dentistry ,where the impetus is primarily more numbers of patients and revenue generation. A Private dentist have an edge towards building long term relationships and confidence. We have been in practice since 2002 and now we are seeing children’s of those children we treated two decade ago. Longevity have also increased, Patient who were treated in their middle age are now seeking more dental care as senior population in our practice. Thus we see a family dentistry approach is the way to go

10. Lastly, Having a strong Patient follow up protocol
Software based and personal communication through email and social media is the need of the hour . Taking regular feedbacks, asking for any concerns, reminder for follow up appointment besides providing relevant educational and informative post on social media about dentistry and dental cases allows our patient to cement our reputation as experts and helps us retain our patients forever.

Identityplus dental centre (identity+) is an ultramodern dental centre based out of Gurgaon and Delhi. Dr Vishakha Gupta and Dr Sharad Gupta are dedicated to create a positive enviornment for dental care , dental society and believe in Being Customer centric in our approach to provide best dental care for our patients.The Dentist couple are currently practising at Identityplus dental centre sec 43 Gurugram and Hari nagar delhi.

Helping our dental patients through the COVID 19 crisis – Team Identity+

The current  coronavirus situation has been an unforeseen challenge to all of us. As we deal with uncertain, uncomfortable and frustrating times Identity+ it’s staff and all consultants are back to help you cope and navigate through your dental issues . We are committed to serve you with utmost care and necessary precautions as always.

We hope that by sharing the answers to the most common questions that you’ll feel more confident in dealing with your dental health during this time. 

1. We Are Resuming Office.

Identity+ Dental is soon planning to resume office from 4.05.2020  (Delhi Centre), 18.05.2020(Gurgaon Centre) only for Primarily dental emergencies as of now. Ever since the Nationwide lockdown was announced by GOI  All Dental Practices under the directions of IDA (Indian Dental Association ) were asked to shut down Elective Dentistry. We shall be reviewing advisories from time to time and update you accordingly.

2. What is considered a dental emergency? 

Dental emergencies, according to the American Dental Association, “are potentially life threatening and require immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding [or to] alleviate severe pain or infection.” 

What constitutes an emergency is actually pretty simple – it’s about pain or trauma. Some common dental emergencies include: 

  • Severe dental pain (most people think of this as a “toothache”)
  • Pain from a wisdom tooth 
  • Post-operative pain from a dental surgery or procedure 
  • An abscess or localized pain and swelling 
  • A broken tooth resulting in pain or cutting your tongue or cheek 
  • A tooth being knocked out 
  • Dental treatment if a temporary crown or bridge is lost, broken, or causing gum irritation.
    Other emergency dental care includes extensive decay or defective fillings that cause pain, removal of stitches, denture adjustments for radiation/oncology patients, denture adjustments or repairs to address difficulty chewing, replacing a temporary filling on a tooth with a root canal if you are experiencing pain, and snipping or adjusting an orthodontic wire or appliance that is cutting your lips or cheeks. 

3 .What Treatment Can not be done Now? 

Routine 6 monthly checkups, cleaning of teeth, whitening, RCT , crowns and bridges, Dental implants, Cosmetic dentistry and anything that is not an urgent /dental emergency. However, as the situations returns to normal we shall resume our full spectrum of work.

 4. Safety Measures Taken by Identity+

  Once you contact our office You will be asked to provide certain Information online . We seek your cooperation for everyone’s safety and request to answer all questions honestly, some of the questions asked would be :

  • Have you had symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19? (common symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, runny nose, or sore throat) 
  • International Travel History 2020
  • History of any contact with COVID patient through family, gathering or another means….
  • You will be sent on what’s app / mail a digital form for COVID 19 Declaration 
  • Once we receive your declaration an appointment shall be scheduled for you.
  • Identity+ shall follow all infection control and PPE guidelines laid down by IDA and Dental Council Of India
  • Proper sanitisation, PPE for staff and doctors, cleanliness of centre, sterilisation procedures , Aerosols  Free Dentistry and Digital payment gateways are initiated
  • Patients Shall not be accompanied by any attendees wherever possible without approval of the office. Patients shall wear masks and maintain clinic decorum ,sterilisation protocols for patients all the times.
  • All clinic door knobs are cleaned after every patient including mopping and surface disinfection.

4.  At Home Dental Hygiene Practices 

Since many of us will have extra time on our hands, make sure you brush at least twice a day for two minutes. This will not only take care of dental health but also limit pathogens in oral cavity.

  1. Use a  Toothbrush / Powered brush
  2. Use an irrigation device/ Water Flosser
  3. Use Antiseptic mouth wash. 
  4. Dental Floss 

5. Stay Home Stay Safe Stay Updated

During This uncertain times we can help control pandemic by staying at home and following social distancing and also taking good care of gums and teeth. If you’re still confused or unclear as to whether you need to be seen in the office, email us or call us. 

Contact Details:

M: 9873435895   /  9899156544  / 8130335895

Website: www.identityplus.in,  www.drsharadgupta.in,


Dental Implants and much more!

Dental Implants and much more!

Dental implants are the new standard of care for tooth replacement. Traditional methods like crown and bridge requires grinding down healthy teeth leaving them at much higher risk of cavities and tooth failure. Removable Dentures are also not comfortable and causes chewing problems and bone loss. Dental implants acts like a natural teeth.

Can Tooth Loss affect shape Of Your Face?

When a tooth lost, jawbone shrinks-this not only affects your smile but also cause your lips and cheek to sink inside giving old age appearance.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the new standard of core for tooth replacement. They are titanium devices placed in the bone through a minor surgical procedure to support a crown bridge or denture.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

1) More comfortable & natural in appearance
2) Prevent bone loss
3) Allow better chewing
4) Patient’s confidence is improved.


Identity+ specializes in a comprehensive set of prosthodontic services including Smile Design, Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. By leveraging world-class equipment and advanced pain management technology, we provide you a happy and painless dental experience.

To know more details about value cards, please mail us: info@identityplus.in


Diabetes & Dental Implant – what are things you must know?

Diabetes & Dental Implant - what are things you must know?

Diabetes is not a disease it‘s a metabolic disorder affecting body glucose and one must learn to overcome and live with it. Home test is one way to find out body control over glucose metabolism. It must be also undertaken before planning dental implants (7% or less is a good control). Diabetes control requires dietary management.

Dental implants can help restore patient failing dentition to best so that patient can eat well and manage his/her sugar levels. Controlled diabetics can be treated as normal dental implant patients. Regular follow- ups is a must a such kind of dental patient. Oral hygiene and maintenance of implant dentures bridges and crowns are the key to have long lasting results.


Identity+ specializes in a comprehensive set of prosthodontic services including Smile Design, Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. By leveraging world-class equipment and advanced pain management technology, we provide you a happy and painless dental experience.

To know more details about value cards, please mail us: info@identityplus.in


Who should get Fixed Implant-Supported Denture

Who should get Fixed Implant-Supported Denture

1) If all your teeth are missing in lower/ upper or both jaw implant supported fixed dentures can be done.

2) The minimum number of implants will vary for each patient according to the bone condition.

3) The implant dentures feels similar to natural fixed dentition and you can cut, chew more comfortably.

4) The dentures can be easily removed by the dentist for maintenance and Cleaning as and When required.

5) The fixed dentures also preserves bone loss besides improving quality of your life.


Identity+ specializes in a comprehensive set of prosthodontic services including Smile Design, Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. By leveraging world-class equipment and advanced pain management technology, we provide you a happy and painless dental experience.

To know more details about value cards, please mail us: info@identityplus.in


The Innovative Art of Smile Designing

The Innovative Art of Smile Designing

Today’s competitive world demands everyone to put their best foot forward in whatever they do. Be it work, business or social life, success belongs to the most deserving and happening person. We now have image consultants, fashion and dress stylist, facial makeover specialist and so much more to help us to look the best versions of ourselves.

And we believe that Your Smile is Your Identity. A smile is not just what you create by moving your lips and cheek muscles; it is much more than that. Research has proved that more than 40% of the time, it is one’s smile that gets noticed followed by eyes, hair, and face. It is also said that people who smile more often are bound to connect and communicate better as a person, and eventually, increase their chances of success.

However, only some are blessed with well-crafted smiles, and others just wish to have that perfect smile.


Making wishes a reality, a smile makeover is an innovative philosophy to design one’s teeth and lips in accordance with their personality and facial features. This helps the entire face and teeth complex to look harmoniously balanced. The best smiles have a harmonious dynamism between person’s face and teeth.

A typical smile makeover is fun and can be done by analyzing your facial photos to balance the tooth color, shape and size that best suits your facial muscles and skin complexion.


Smile Makeover is a systematic process and comprises of smile designing, smile planning and smile building/clinical treatment. To make it easier to understand, let’s consider it as an architectural drawing before actual construction of the building takes place.

Software-based smile design planning is more accurate, predictable and helps the client to understand their final looks before actual treatment is done. Smile makeovers are painless and involve minimal or non-invasive dentistry and virtually have no side effects. If done with proper planning, smile makeover stays for a lifetime and is not very expensive too.


Smile makeovers are for anyone who is not happy with their current smile and looking for an image makeover. If you are a TV artist or into media, or in the fashion industry or maybe getting married, a smile makeover is all that you need to look your best!

Next time, if you feel you deserve all the best things in life and something is stopping you from achieving the same, do have a look in the mirror. Maybe smile makeover is your answer.

At Identity+, you can achieve your dream of having that beautiful on your face. Dr. Sharad Gupta and Dr. Vishakha Gupta are the top smile design experts who use state of the art techniques, digital tools, and digital photography to create beautiful smiles.


Identity+ specializes in a comprehensive set of prosthodontic services including Smile Design, Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry. By leveraging world-class equipment and advanced pain management technology, we provide you a happy and painless dental experience.

To know more details about value cards, please mail us: info@identityplus.in