Price List


S NoProcedureCostDescription
500 INR
02X Ray/ Intraoral Camera Examination
1000 INR
Full Mouth Digital Examination
03Root Canal Treatment
4000 INR
04Root Canal Re Treatment
6000 INR
Required To Save Previously Treated Tooth With Faculty RCT
05Fiber Post and Core
3000 INR
Required to strengthen the tooth after RCT
06GIC Filling
1500 INR
Tooth Colored Filling
07Cosmetic Filling Back Teeth
2000 INR
Tooth Colored Filling
08Cosmetic/ Aesthetic Filling Front Teeth
3000 INR
Class 3, 4, 5
09Metal Crown
4500 INR per unit
Base Alloy
10PFM Crown
5500 INR per unit
11PFM Crown (Milled)
7500 INR per Unit
Recommended for strength and better cosmetic results.
12Zirconia Crown
9000 INR Per Unit
5 Years breakage warranty fro crown material.
13Bruxzir Zirconia
15000 INR Per Unit
15 years breakage warranty of crown material. Recommended for back crown and bridges.
14Temporary Crowns2000 INR
15E Max Glass Ceramic Crown/ Veneer/ Inlay OnLay
15000 INR Per Unit
Recommended for high esthetic needs.
16Peek Crown
16,500 INR Per Unit
Recommended for Implants and bridges (unbreakable)
17Laser Gum Curettage
1500 INR Per Tooth
Gum Tightening
18Dental Implant
A. ADIN : 20,000 INR
B BioHorizon Laser : 55,000 INR
C: Nobel Active: 40000 INR
Cost of Implant and Surgery Only
Dio Navi Guided Implant Solution from planning to prosthesis : 45,000 INR per Implant
19Complete Removable Dentures
25,000 INR Onwards
20Complete Removable Dentures for Poor Ridge40,000 INR
21Specialised Complete Removable Dentures (MOLLOPLAST B)80,000 INR
22Simple Extraction
2000 INR Onwards
23Minor Oral Surgery
6000 INR Onwards
24Socket Preservation20,000 INR Onwards
25Digital Treatment Planning10,000 INR
26Computer Guided Solution Per Arch Guide10,000 INR
27Scaling/ Tooth Cleaning
2000 INR
28Metal Braces
60,000 INR
29Ceramic Braces
65,000 INR
30Teeth Whitening
7000 INR
31Tooth Jewellery
3000 INR
32Soft Night Guard
4000 INR
33Hard Splint
6000 INR
This price list is only for basic procedures.

All price list in India Currency. Cost of treatment may vary for specialized procedures.
Patients are advised to consult online and get an elaborative quote for specialized services.

All treatments are qualitative and we associate with only branded and best dental material and equipment companies and laboratories in India so that only best is delivered to the clients.
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