How Much Do Cosmetic Dental Veneers Cost?

How Much Do Cosmetic Dental Veneers Cost?

Got a chipped tooth? Wondering what next and how to correct your smile so that it doesn’t lead to any awkward moments with friend and family? Be thankful to Dental Veneers! Dental Veneers are the thin tooth-colored shells which are attached to the front surface of the tooth to make it look attractive. These are made of porcelain or resin-composite materials and are attached or bonded to teeth permanently.

Veneers are used to treat numerous cosmetic concerns like chipped, broken or smaller teeth. There are mostly two types of veneers- traditional dental veneer and no-prep veneer.

A traditional veneer is a slightly difficult procedure as the tooth might be ground till the enamel. In this process, a local anesthetic is given and it can be painful. Whereas no-prep veneer is a simple process which requires only some preparations and alterations. A local anesthetic is not required for the no-prep veneer.

A traditional veneer may cost an average of INR 8000 to INR 18000 per tooth. And this may last for 10 to 15 years. No-prep veneers cost lesser but it lasts between 5 to 7 years. Many times cost also differ according to your place of living, the dentist’s fee and the brand used by the dentist.

Some of the benefits of veneers are listed below:

  • Treatment of broken and chipped teeth
  • Gaps in teeth pointed or unusual teeth can be treated.

Just getting veneer done on teeth is not enough, after the treatment, proper maintenance after the treatment is very essential which includes :

  • Not chewing hard food products.
  • Not using teeth to open packets.
  • Using a mouthguard if you are a sportsman.
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