How Does Dental Health Affect You?

How Does Dental Health Affect You?

Today it is a known fact that Health is Wealth. You can do wonders in the world, but for this you need to stay healthy! There are many reasons as to why a person could fall sick. Did you know that your oral health might also lead to various diseases and health conditions? Yes, you read that right, ensuring that you brush everyday might actually be preventing you from many diseases. Here are a few of them!

Cardiovascular Disease:

This is one of the major diseases that scientists and researchers think might have been caused due to inflammation and infection caused by oral bacteria. The oral bacteria is considered to be the reason for heart disease and strokes. However, the connection is unknown and research is going on to know ways oral bacterial causes it.


Pneumonia is a disease that might cause death if neglected. But did you know that this disease is caused because of the different kinds of bacteria in mouth? Ensuring you keep your oral hygiene can protect you from this.

Pregnancy and Birth Complications:

As a mother’s health determines the condition of a baby before and after birth, similarly oral health of the mother also has great impacts on baby’s health. Premature birth and low birth weight are some common problems caused due to bad oral health.

As a responsible person who wishes to stay healthy, one must ensure that due diligence is shown towards oral hygiene to ensure that it doesn’t lead to any major diseases. Consult your dentist today to know more about oral hygiene!

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