Got Allergies? Tell your Dentist.

Got Allergies? Tell your Dentist.

Most of us have a misconception that our oral health is independent of the rest of our body health. Have you ever noticed you get allergies or some rashes in your mouth if you are sick or have any other health issue?  Do you remember such a condition that happened to you or any of your family members?

Many times when we visit our dentist we forget to mention any allergies that we suffer from. We think this is not important as it is not related to our mouth. Many times people with sensitive skin wearing some jewelry suffer from some allergies. Such allergies mean your skin reacts when comes in contact with such metals. This should be mentioned to your dentist at first as he may use such metal to treat your teeth and you might get allergy in the mouth.

Many times people are allergic to many other things. Dentists use latex gloves which are allergic to many people. If you are one inform your dentist as he does treatment wearing such gloves and you might suffer serious health issues later. Also, some people are allergic to the sealant. So inform your dentist about it to find the best way to cure you.

Don’t be afraid or shy to discuss about your allergies with the doctor. Such allergies might cause you some serious health issues later. Hence the phrase “Prevention is better than cure”. So it is best to inform your dentist about all possible allergies to stay away from complications during the treatment and your health.

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