Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Energy drinks are really popular among youngsters and adults. Most of the people find it cool to drink energy drinks and also it increases stamina for some time. But are you aware of the effects of highly acidic drinks? The drink made to boost your stamina is the one that can cause great trouble for your oral and overall health. Yes, you read it correctly. Most of the energy drinks are highly acidic and they cause a great effect on your health especially your oral health.

From our childhood, we have heard from our mother and elders that sweets and sweet drinks lead to tooth decay. But what about acidic drinks like energy drinks. We never get any warning about such drinks. But according to dentists, it’s high time for us to understand its effects on our mouth.

Most of the teens are highly addicted to such drinks. But the acids in these drinks decrease the enamel on the teeth and leads to tooth decay. Scientists took almost 15 top brands of energy drinks and tested them for their fluoride levels and pH levels. This research showed that the time taken by saliva to dissolve acid is far more than the time taken by acid to affect the enamel of teeth. Research shows that energy drinks affect enamel more than sports drinks.

Dental experts say regular consumption of sports drinks and energy drinks can cause serious damage to your teeth. Sometimes a tooth may grind or break also. So dental experts recommend keeping everyone especially teens away from such acidic drinks as it can damage teeth and ultimately your smile.

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