Does Chewing Gum Really Clean Your Mouth?

Does Chewing Gum Really Clean Your Mouth?

Over the years we have seen hundreds of varieties of chewing gum. Everybody loves the taste of chewing gum. Most of the doctors also suggest using chewing gum as it is a good exercise for the mouth. Many chewing gum companies also claim that their gum cleans teeth. But does chewing gum actually clean teeth?  

Chewing gum can be an aid to your daily dental hygiene but it cannot be a replacement for brushing or flossing. Chewing gum may reach the surface of your teeth but it doesn’t reach the center and root of your teeth. If you take chewing gum as an aid then sugarless gums are recommended. Normal chewing gum with sugar may cause more dental issues.

Studies have shown that chewing sugar-free chewing gum after meals and snacks can help rinse off and neutralize acids and bacteria released by food. The major task of chewing gum is it increases the flow of saliva in the mouth which neutralizes the acid inside the mouth.

For many people chewing sugar-free gum can be a good additional aid to your dental health but still, people should understand that chewing gum can’t replace good dental hygiene practices like brushing teeth and flossing.

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