Do It Yourself Tooth Whitening

Do It Yourself Tooth Whitening

Having bright and white teeth is a great confidence booster and makes a great smile. Everybody loves to smile. But we might have ourselves faced or seen other people who hesitate to smile.  The major reason to hesitate to smile is not having good white teeth. Do you think this is a reason that is bothering you as well? Not to worry, today we will talk about a few easy Do It Yourself ways to whiten your teeth and get a perfect smile.

Banana Rub:

Do you know that you can use the inside of a banana peel to whiten your teeth? After brushing your teeth you can peel off a banana and rub the inside of it for two minutes over your teeth. This is helpful in getting white teeth with ease.

Charcoal Paste:

Charcoal is highly porous and it is said that it binds bacteria before it stains teeth. Just mix charcoal with water and apply it on the teeth and wait for 2 minutes. Wash it and you will have good white teeth after regular use.

Strawberry Paste:

Have you ever imagined that strawberry could whiten your teeth? Just mash up some strawberry with baking soda and brush like toothpaste for few minutes. Wash your teeth and see the difference.

Hope the above DIY tips will help you whiten your teeth and have a confident smile. Feel free to ask your dentist about the above methods so that they can share their experience with you too! At the end of the day everyone wants a great smile on your face.

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