Cigarettes and Your Teeth

Cigarettes and Your Teeth

Your teeth might not be the first thing you think of while thinking of the effects of smoking. But as harmful as smoking is for your health, it is equally bad for your teeth too. Did you know the fact that thousands of people die because of smoking but millions of people damage their smile and teeth due to smoking? Today we will talk about how cigarettes harm your mouth and teeth.

Tooth Discoloration:

Everybody is aware of the fact that smoking discolors their teeth. Tooth discoloration is the first and quickest effect seen due to smoking. So if you want a beautiful smile and a healthy life, smoking should be something that isn’t on your mind.

Tooth Decay:

The next quickest effect seen due to smoking is tooth decay. Oral cancer and gum issues are major effects considered by people but many forget that tooth decay is also caused by smoking. It increases with further ignorance and causes a great effect on your smile and your life.

Tooth Loss

Smoking is one of the major causes of weak gums. Due to this weak gum, tooth loss is easily seen. Once a tooth is lost, though you get an artificial tooth it won’t be as good as a natural tooth.

Everyone wants a good smile and an attractive smile. Smoking makes sure you get neither of these. After reading these effects we hope you are aware that smoking not only causes cancer after years of smoking but also causes these quick and visible defects in your mouth and destroys your beautiful smile.

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