Choose Between Dental Implants and Crown Bridges

Choose Between Dental Implants and Crown Bridges

Smile is a priceless jewelry of an individual. Teeth and smile are like heart and soul. Your oral health and your teeth appearance affect a lot on your smile. Do you have a gap between your teeth or your is a tooth missing or do you have any other teeth related issue that affects your smile? If yes, you should definitely know about dental implants and crown bridges. These are the majorly used methods to treat your teeth related problems. But which one to choose?

Here are a few differences between dental implant and crown bridges that can help you choose the best.

  • The biggest advantage of a dental implant is that they protect other teeth. An implant doesn’t put a strain on other teeth whereas natural teeth have to play the function of support in a dental bridge.
  • Implants require less maintenance and a good quality implant can last almost lifelong. Whereas bridges last for about 10 to 15 years.
  • To get a bridge you are required to undergo the simple dental procedure without any surgery. Whereas for an implant you are will need to undergo a surgery.
  • It is very easy and quick to get a dental bridge. To get a dental implant, it takes time as you have to visit the dentist multiple times.
  • Dental bridges are economical when compared to dental implants.

Depending on a few factors such as the recommendation of the dentist, health condition of the patient and the patient’s choice to choose the best that is suitable for them by considering the above differences one can decide whether they want to go ahead with dental implants or crown bridges.

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